COVID-19 Restrictions – 2/1/2021

In line with the latest restrictions from the NI Executive, and following advice gratefully received from Rowing Ireland Ulster Branch and SportNI, the club will remain closed for all activity until at least 6th February 2021.
The current legislation includes an Executive review three weeks into this period, so there is a possibility the restrictions could be extended beyond the 6th February, so further details will be published and distributed as an when we get them.
Indoor and outdoor training continues to be permitted for “Elite Athletes” as well as outdoor training for schools as part of their Physical Education program but all other facilities, such as ours, must close completely during this time.

“In response to the significant challenges facing the health service due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Executive have announced a package of interventions and restrictions for the coming weeks.

The aim of these restrictions is to drive the R number down and in doing so protect the Health Service through a challenging period that lies immediately ahead. All sectors are being asked to play their part in this collaborative effort.

Much of sport will be affected but the Executive continues to recognise the physical and mental health benefits associated with individuals exercising outdoors on an individual basis or with members of their household. All sports Governing bodies and their clubs are asked to demonstrate leadership within the community by complying with these restrictions. By doing so sport can make a valuable contribution to driving the R number down which will in turn lead to higher levels of sport activity being permitted once this period of restrictions is eased.”

Summary Position for sport and physical activity following recent executive announcements – SportNI

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