BRC Committee

In accordance with our club constitution, a General Committee is elected by all members to manage the club and oversee its activity. They meet each month to organise their efforts, discuss events and plan for the future to ensure the club runs smoothly.

Committee Members 2022/2023


Captain. Thomas McCaughtry

Vice-Captain. Caroline O’Brien

President. Sheila Garrett

Vice-President. Brendan McAleer

Secretary (Acting). George Chesney (Co-opted onto Committee 03/10/2022)

Treasurer. Ian Lough

General Members

Assistant Treasurer. Tess Herman

Bar Convenor. Mark Tinneny

Entries Secretary. Ellie Upstill-Goddard

Membership Secretary. Rachael Bell

Publicity Officer. Vicky Aldana

Safety Officer. David Webb

General Member. Benjamin Donoghue

General Member. Claire Edgar

General Member. Ellen Henry

General Member. Joshua Jordan

General Member. Kris Foster

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